3-Piece Super Long Front

With our engineering expertise and years of field experience, we are always capable of designing and building longer boom sets that surpass our competition, however, at times, we may need to ask ourselves: does a longer boom equate to greater work efficiency? There is a point where operability, efficiency and reliability intersect that yields the optimal productivity for your application and ROI (Return On Investment).

 A 3-piece super long front no doubt is more complex in every respect and demands a much higher level of engineering know-how, it triumphs over a traditional 2-piece boom in terms of articulation and versatility. Its advantages increase proportionally as the demands on the front end reach increases.

 The front attachment on a 3-piece long front can access areas where a 2-piece long front is unable to reach due to its limitations on articulation. In short, a 2-piece long front has more ”blind spots” in comparision. To access these ”blind spots”, the machine has to be constantly moved and repositioned, whereas a 3-piece boom configuration reduces the need for frequent manoeuvring of the machine, and therefore improves the productivity and increases fuel economy by a substantial margin.

As the machine size increases, a 3-piece boom offers long term economic value by overcoming challenges in terms of logistics, installation and site accessibility as compared to a bulky and cumbersome 2-piece boom. In addition, the long term cost saving in both land and sea transportation far outweighs the upfront investment of a 3-piece boom.


3-piece boom package is particularly popular among machine size of 120 metric tons (264,000lbs) and larger. We are proud to have delivered several units of such machines to highly satisfied customers who demand the ultimate in productivity and reliability.

All 3-piece boom packages are uniquely designed. They are highly specialized pieces of boom and arm, designed to suit each machine to perform optimally for its intended application. Each design is simulated extensively, ensuring design integrity and detecting potential stress and fatigue points. The experience of the engineering team is of critical importance in producing a well-engineered and reliable piece of equipment. This is also a key factor in delivering truly satisfying products for the world.


  • Ideal for river and sea dredging applications on either land or barge.
  • Construction of breakwater structures, replacing typical practice where a crane is used.
  • Heavy demolition work where cutter or pulverizer can be attached.


  • Heavy duty in construction.
  • The design is simulated extensively, ensuring design integrity and to detect potential stress and fatigue points.
  • Reduces the need for frequent maneouvering of the machine.
The boom and arm, being critical components of an excavator, require tight tolerance and precision. They are bored with a state-of-the-art CNC line-bore machine to ensure perfect alignment at the highest attainable precision for every piece we produce. Every time!