About Us

Our Mission

Adding value to our customers’ competitive edge, and providing customized solutions to their unique challenges.

Staff should be passionate and proud of every contribution they deliver. Similar to the Swiss watch master, every single piece of the watch is hand crafted with great passion and enthusiasm.

 We develop your product

It starts with our skilled sales engineers, that are devoted to develop a product that will meet your requirements and needs. 

For demanding projects, we consult always our engineering team for solutions. 

Our skilled engineering team works with structural stress analysis and motion analysis software, as well as state-of-the-art design tools to engineer, develop, precision-fit, simulate and test your equipment prior to manufacture.

Engineering, design and simiulation: Yes!

Comprehensive manufacturing capabilities: Yes! 

Product testing and certification, technical support: Yes!

With so much to offer, we’re ideally positioned to offer complete solutions for all of your business needs. From ordinary to extraordinary. From standard solutions to really tailor made solutions.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of hydraulically driven excavator attachments, complete solutions and heavy duty amphibous undercarriages, INFRALAND OY has built a solid reputation for providing reliable, high performance products that are designed to keep pace with changing industry conditions – and one step ahead of emerging technologies.

 Our position as a supplier of specific market solutions for many of the world’s leading equipment providers has enabled us to become experts in client collaboration, managing specific application parameters, and maintaining the highest quality standards for a variety of markets. Even if your needs call for a customized solution that doesn’t currently exist, you can count on us to make it happen – and make it happen right.

In a nut shell

In engaging INFRALAND OY we arrange:

  • Design expertise and engineering from one supplier!
  • Use of Premium grade materials
  • Excellent workmanship

Our dedicated team knows what it takes to be the best and how we can help our customers to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum downtime.