XVATOR Material Handler

XVATOR Material Handlers: Built For Power That Lasts

Xvator material handlers are built specifically for scrap and solid waste handlers, recyclers, and other bulk material handlers.

Developed on the proven lineup on various brands of excavators, every material handler model offers an unbeatable combination of performance, efficiency, durability and comfort. Each model is fitted with cab risers for increased visibility, a straight boom and droop nose arm for optimal performance, and machine guarding for maximum uptime.

With one of the most dependable, efficient, and comfortable material handlers on the market, you’ll move more material every day.

XVATOR Material Handlers: Engineered to Meet Your Demands


Developed For Material Handling


Developed by dedicated, in-house product engineers, XVATOR material handlers are made to deliver more material every day. Based on a proven and tested excavator model, each material handler is factory fitted with cab risers for increased visibility, along with a straight boom and droop nose arm for optimal performance.


 Lift More. Place More. Get More Done. 


Each XVATOR material handler delivers fast cycle times and efficient operation through powerful hydraulic pumps with class-leading output. Straight booms improve reach and lift height for better material placement, while droop nose arms provide good grapple clearance and enhanced access into containers, trucks and railcars. Other features include dual-boom cylinders and under-mount arm cylinder placement, which provide excellent lifting capabilities.


 More consistent flow from the main hydraulic pump contributes to better material handler performance. The high-pressure common rail fuel injected engine and Electronic Power Optimizing System (EPOS) deliver optimum power and fuel efficiency.


 Power Modes That Match Your Job


Select material handler models offer multiple power modes to help you adapt to your jobsite. Choose from:

 •    Power+ Mode for faster workgroup speeds and greater productivity during harsh condition

•    Power Mode for faster cycle times and heavy-duty work requirements 

•    Standard Mode for optimized fuel consumption and general working conditions

•    Economy mode for reduced fuel consumption in reduced demand applications


 Lifting Work Mode

In addition to the power modes, select models include a lifting work mode, which provides increased pump torque, low engine RPMs and an automatic power boost.


Easy Control Pattern Changes

The control pattern change valve allows easy changes from ISO to BHL to match your preference for maximum productivity.

All packages come fully equipped with:

  • Boom and arm
  • Arm cylinder and pins.
  • Hydraulic piping for boom, arm, open/close and rotating functions.
  • Additional counterweight kits.
  • 2 piece and 3 piece material handlerfronts available.
  • Fixed cabin riser and hydraulic elevating cabin kits available.


  • High strength, low alloy steel yields maximum strength to weight ratio.
  • Two piece material handler supplied as standard
  • 3 piece fronts available for more versatility and larger working ranges
  • A large variety of grapples and clamshell buckets available.
Max pin reach – [m] Max pin height – [m]
16 – 20 tons XMH18-33-2P 10,1 11,2
20 – 24 tons XMH21-36-2P 11,0 12,2
24 – 27 tons XMH25-40-2P 12,2 13,4
27 – 32 tons XMH30-43-2P 13,0 14,3
32 – 40 tons XMH36-47-2P 14,4 15,5
XMH36-46-3P 14,1 15,4
40 – 50 tons XMH45-55-2P 16,8 18,1
XMH45-54-3P 16,4 17,9
60 – 70 tons XMH65-60-2P 18,3 19,6
80 – 90 tons XMH85-55-2P 16,8 18,1

2 – Piece Front

3 – Piece Front

Working Range